Artist Statement and Bio

Artist Statement and Bio

Artist Statement: 

I picked up the tar and placed it beside the bird’s balanced nest.

I am a collector – a collector of stories, debris, and vessels that carry their past. I grew up exploring mountain forests embedded with the residual traces of human presence. Found objects echo this scattered residue and function as conduits for narrative to surface. They are elsewhens: objects that straddle past and present. Through engaging in meditative and intuitive gestures, I create inconclusive material assemblages, performances, and installations that disassemble permanence and hold permeability. 


Marc La Pointe navigates how place becomes through the relationship between site and body. After receiving an MFA with an emphasis in sculpture and performance from the University of Minnesota Department of Art in 2018, Marc completed his first public artwork, I wish that mountains could move, too at Franconia Sculpture Park where he was named a Jerome Fellow. His work was then featured at the 2018 International Conference on Contemporary Cast Iron Art in the exhibition Solid Gone curated by Ben Woodeson. Marc has returned to his hometown in northern Idaho where he continues to investigate the ephemerality of place through an interdiscplinary practice. He can be reached through email at La Pointe's CV